Mazescape Kids Hipnos


Mazescape Kids Hipnos
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Product Description:
Designed for kids, this fantasy edition of Mazescape offers the simplest challenges.

Publisher Description:
Mazescape is a clever and fascinating maze game for one player that will challenge even the most active minds. The Hypnos set is designed by Pablo Céspedes and Victor Hugo Cisternas, authors of Tesoros del Rey Pirata, and illustrated by Celeste Carvajal.

Just before bedtime, as you are on the border of dreamland, a light surprises you from the corner of your bedroom. Colorful clouds form on the ceiling and slowly form shapes before your eyes. Not understanding how or why, you’ve found yourself in the dreamlike world of Hypnos. Find your way out! To do so, sharpen your wits, patience and powers of observation.

The Mazescape saga introduces a completely unique concept that fans of logic and puzzles will love. In this original game from Devir, you will place a map on the table and look for the compass rose as the starting point of the maze. Using the wooden styles that comes with the game, you’ll trace the white pathways, maintaining contact with the maze at all times, and you’ll open and close sections of the map while looking for the exit point of the Impossible Triangle. Pass under bridges, climb staircases, and keep your head from spinning until the exit point takes you to the next scenario.

Each Mazescape box contains seven different challenges to face. The first maze is a relatively accessible challenge, and little by little the mazes become increasingly difficult until the final elegant explosion of pathways, which can only be untangled by the sharpest minds. Moreover, each map includes a series of secondary challenges that allow you to travel through a second time, giving each set of maps a high degree of re-playability. Look for all of the hidden treasures in the seven maps. And the portable format is easy to play anywhere; all you need is a place to set the map and the stylus to start your journey. But beware, nobody said that escaping from the labyrinth would be easy!

Mazescape Hipnos is the Mazescape version designed specially for kids. Simple challenges for the whole family, with a difficulty level specially adjusted for +6 years old players!

Category Description for Mazescape:
These perplexing maze puzzles are captivatingly exciting and intriguing. Each set includes 7 maze maps and 1 stylus. Start at the specified starting point, and use the stylus to follow the white map lines. The goal is to find the impossible triangle at the end of the maze. You can follow the white path up the stairs and under the bridges, but you can never lift the stylus to jump to another line. The map can even be folded back and forth to connect lines that otherwise would not have been reachable; however, you cannot make a new crease or fold the piece you are currently located on. The end of one map leads to the start of the next map. Do you have what it takes to complete the befuddling 7 map journey? 1 player, with a playing time of 5 – 90 minutes.


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