Marvel: Great Responsibility - Raising Your Little Hero from Toddler to Teen

Av Troy Benjamin, Jenn Fujikawa

| 2024
Marvel: Great Responsibility - Raising Your Little Hero from Toddler to Teen
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With great power, there must also come great responsibility—and there’s no one more powerful than a parent, in the Marvel Universe or our own.
Great Responsibility: Raising Your Little Hero from Toddler to Teen is the perfect guide for the Marvel fan on the greatest Journey into Mystery of all: parenthood.

For everyone from expectant parents to those ready to release their Gifted Youngsters out into the Sentinel-filled world, Great Responsibility offers parenting wisdom and inspiration with a superheroic twist—tips, tricks, and advice drawn from the most beloved Marvel characters, all with a sense of humor to help navigate the most daunting of child-rearing tasks.

Whether it's the struggles of raising a God of Thunder and a God of Mischief concurrently, or dealing with your angsty teen's mutant tendencies, parents can learn a lot from our favorite characters' journeys. Let’s face it, turning your kids into well-rounded humans who aren’t intent upon collecting Infinity Gems for world domination can be just as hard as getting gamma radiation out of a baby’s onesie.

Think of this as an educational Darkhold . . . but way, way less evil. Great Responsibility may not solve all your parenting problems, but it will make raising your little super hero a lot more fun.


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