Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R. Core Game

Brädspel: Marvel

| 2023
Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R. Core Game
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Earth is in danger. Nefarious forces threaten the world as we know it, and only a small team of heroes can come to its rescue. With the enemy’s minions closing in and innocents in peril, those heroes must work together to stop the villain’s plans and save the world. But can they do it in time?

We are proud to present Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R., a brand-new cooperative board game featuring iconic heroes and villains from Marvel comics from our friends at Fantasy Flight Games!

In this game, “D.A.G.G.E.R.” stands for “Defense Alliance for Global and Galactic Emergency Response,” and the “Alliance” and “Emergency Response” parts are the driving force behind how the game is played. The focus of the game is on using teamwork with your fellow heroes to resolve crises around the world and strengthen yourselves in time to take on the nemesis.

In this game for one to five players, you’ll jump into the role of one of 20 heroes and race across the globe to complete missions, battle enemies, and square off for the final showdown against the nemesis. Wield the power of different heroic aspects to match your ideal playstyle, then pull off strategic combos with your fellow heroes and wait for the perfect moment to unleash your ultimate ability. Team up with your allies and take on global threats from some of Marvel’s most dangerous villains!


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