Manga for the Beginner: Shoujo

Av Christopher Hart

| 2010
Manga for the Beginner: Shoujo
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Lär dig grunderna i att teckna flickmanga och alla typiska seriefigurer man kan träffa på där. Den magiska, flickan, kattflickan, j-rockaren och så vidare gås alla igenom steg för steg, streck för streck.

If you're reading this, you probably already love shoujo. Now you'll be able to take the next step and actually write and draw your very own! The teen characters that populate the genre are outrageously cool, including magical girls, demon gals, cat girls, J-rockers, handsome teen boys, Goth boys, and the increasingly popular elegant older young men that shoujo fans adore.
Learn fundamental art techniques that will bring shoujo characters, which are more realistic and less cartoon-like than most other styles of manga, to life. From coloring to character development, Manga for The Beginner Shoujo has your back on every detail as you learn to create your own shojo manga!