Malign Portents
49 kr
Games Workshop
80 sidor

Background and rules about Nagash and his aeons-long grand plan to assert his power over the dead.
   - A brief history of the Age of Sigmar, from the apocalyptic death of the world-that-was to Sigmar's discovery of the mortal realms;
   - The visions and phenomena that plague the realms;
   - Introduction of the Warscryer Citadels - potent sources of celestial magic; - Introductions to the 4 champions introduced with Malign Portents, 1 for each Grand Alliance - the Lord-Ordinator, the Darkoath Warqueen, the Knight of Shrouds and the Fungoid Cave-Shaman;
   - The history of the realm of Shyish, or the realm of Death; - The Doomed March: Nagash's plan has come to the attention of many, and whole armies have been mobilised to invade Shyish;
   - A timeline of key battles and events;
   - A miniatures showcase featuring armies, depictions of key battles, and examples of fantastically painted miniatures ;
   - The Time of Tribulations: a selection of optional rules for Open, Narrative and Matched Play games, including:
   - Realm of Battle: Shyish, the Realm of Death: rules which help you set your battles in this deathly realm;
   - The Malign Portents: these are 6 dark omens caused by the cataclysmic nature of Nagash's grand undertaking;
   - Skirmish Battles: rules for fighting Skirmishes in Shyish;
   - 3 Narrative Battleplans, each featuring objectives, setup instructions, victory conditions and special rules;
   - 2 Pitched Battles, each featuring set-up instructions;
   - 4 Warscrolls, 1 each for the 4 new characters - the Lord-Ordinator, the Darkoath Warqueen, the Knight of Shrouds and the Fungoid Cave-Shaman;
   - A Warscroll of the Warscryer Citadel, a scenery piece which allows those who hold it to glimpse the future; - Pitched battle profiles for the 4 Harbingers.


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