Magic: Wilds of Eldraine - Bundle

Kortspel: Magic the Gathering

Magic: Wilds of Eldraine - Bundle
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8 Wilds of Eldraine - Set Boosters
1 Alt-art Traditional Foil card "Lich-Knights' Conquest"
1 Wilds of Eldraine card box
20 Traditional Foil Basic Lands
20 regular Basic Lands
1 Oversized Spindown life counter
2 reference cards
Manufacturer information:
A tale only you can tell!

Venture into the Wilds of Eldraine and free the kingdom from a curse of endless slumber! Cast powerful enchantments from Magic's history with an Enchanting Tales card in every Booster. By using a variety of Role Tokens, you can even change up the game and write your own story. Will you be a Young Hero or Wicked? Royal or Cursed? In the Wilds, destiny is a dream come true.

What are Set Boosters?
Set Boosters are an exciting way to add to your collection. Each Booster contains at least one Rare or Mythic (maybe more!), a guaranteed Foil, and an Art card.


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