Magic: Brothers' War - Set Booster

Kortspel: Magic the Gathering

| 2022
Magic: Brothers' War - Set Booster
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Set booster from The Brothers' War.

The war between two brothers, Urza and Mishra, is an age-old feud from the distant past. Thanks to the use of very powerful artifacts and gigantic metal fighting machines, the brothers and Dominaria eventually fell. With the Phyrexians invading this beloved world, it's up to our modern day heroes to travel back in time in search of clues during this epic event: The Brother's War! Can Dominaria be saved or will the Phyrexians prevail?

A booster set is a special product for anyone who enjoys tearing open boosters. With every card from this booster you have a chance to find something special. A booster set contains at least 1 rare or mythic rare and can contain up to 4 rares or mythic rares.

A booster set contains 14 Magic: the Gathering cards from The Brothers' War:

- 1 Retro frame artifact card.
- 1 Traditional Foil card, can be any rarity.
- Up to five rares or mythic rares.
- 1 The Brothers' War Art Card.
- 1 Token, advertising card, helper card or a card from The List


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