Magic: Brothers' War - Jumpstart Booster

Kortspel: Magic the Gathering

| 2022
Magic: Brothers' War - Jumpstart Booster
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A Jumpstart Booster from The Brothers' War.

Jumpstart boosters are an innovative product and give you a new and dynamic way of playing. It combines the best aspects of constructed and limited in one product. Take two Jumpstart boosters, shuffle them together into a deck and you're ready for battle!

Each Jumpstart booster contains 20 cards. The 20 cards together form a theme. In The Brothers' War there are five different themes, each with two variations. Lands are included in the boosters so you don't need anything else to start playing. These boosters are ideal for mixing with other Jumpstart sets, making the combinations and replayability endless!

A Jumpstart booster The Brothers' War contains 20 Magic: the Gathering cards of which:

- 2 rares with a chance of a mythic rare.
- 1 rare is always a new card that you can't find in the regular set of The Brothers' War.
- 2 foil basic lands.


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