Lupin III, Part V

Blu-ray: Lupin III

| 2018
Lupin III, Part V
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All 24 episodes of the Japanese anime in which master thief Lupin (voice of Kanichi Kurita) finds himself in modern-day France, the birthplace of his famous grandfather. He and his crew must battle foes both old and new and deal with new technology. The episodes are: 'The Girl in the Twin Towers', 'The Lupin Game', 'The Killers Gather in the Wasteland', 'Zenigata Stands Tall and the Desert Sands Fall', 'A Crook's Resolve', 'Lupin Vs the Smart Safe', 'His Name Is Albert', 'Who Has the Black Notebook?', 'The Man Who Abandoned 'Lupin'', 'Thief and Thief', 'Get Pablo's Collection', 'The Extravagance of Ishikawa Goemon the Thirteenth', 'The Bow, the Princess, and the Terrorist', 'How to Steal a Kingdom', 'Her Relationship With Lupin', 'Let's Talk About First Loves', 'Introducing Detective Jim Barnett the Third', 'Fujiko's Gift', 'A 7.62mm Mirage', 'Zenigata, Gentleman Thief', 'An Outdated Master Thief', 'Answer Me, Zantetsuken', 'Just Then, an Old Buddy Said Something' and 'Viva Lupin the Third'.

The 50th Anniversary OVA 'Is Lupin Still Burning?' is also included.


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