Let's Explore Kanji

Av Läromedel japanska, Bret Mayer

Let's Explore Kanji
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Let's Explore Kanji - A Picture Tour of Japanese Characters is the continuation of Let's Explore Hiragana & Katakana by author Bret Mayer, so it follows the same style as its predecessor: small format, which practically fits in the pocket and is printed in full color. This book delves into the study of kanjis, starting from the most elementary: numbers, days of the week, etc. In total, the book includes 100 kanji with which the student will obtain a base in the study of the characters. These kanjis are the ones that appear in level 5 of the Noken JLPT exam. Each page contains a kanji, their respective readings, stroke order, a sentence that puts it in context and a brief explanation that helps memorize the meaning of each kanji.

The book includes a link (also located at the beginning of this sheet) with which the student can download the audios that show how each of the sounds that are learned should be pronounced.

The book has been written and designed by Bret Mayer, the first North American who passed the first level of the Kanken exam in 2012 and is a professor of Kanji at Ritsumeikan University.


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