Konosuba Light Novel Vol 14

Av Natsume Akatsuki, Kurone Mishima

| Del 14 i serien Konosuba Light Novels
Konosuba Light Novel Vol 14
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It’s back to Crimson Magic Village for Kazuma’s party! Yunyun is about to undergo the Chief’s Trials, and it always helps to have friends close by. The challenge is one that steadily ramps up in difficulty, so it’s best attempted in pairs. But why is Yunyun so determined to become chief anyway? Could she possibly have an idea for sweeping village reform? In the meantime, reports are flooding in of loud explosions echoing through the night. Megumin is the prime suspect, of course, but Kazuma secretly knows she isn’t responsible…Why? Because he and Megumin were in bed together the whole time…!


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