Konosuba Light Novel Vol 11

Av Natsume Akatsuki, Kurone Mishima

| Del 11 i serien Konosuba Light Novels
Konosuba Light Novel Vol 11
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Little sisters really are the best!

With the Iris escort mission behind them, Kazuma and the gang lounge in the lap of luxury at the royal palace. But, to no one's surprise, Kazuma overstays his welcome, and the Royal Army has to get creative in their efforts to oust him...And later on, a wild Komekko appears! Bewildered by how Komekko ended up in Axel in the first place, the party decides to look after her for a while. But once she starts gushing about how amazing her big sister said Axel's adventurers are, the pressure forces them to suffer through quest after troublesome quest! Just how far will they go to save face...?


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