Kobold Guide to Dungeons

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| 2023
Kobold Guide to Dungeons
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You can’t control what players are going to do. That’s half the fun. But you can control where they do it. That’s a whole other half!

The Kobold Guide to Dungeons gives both new and experienced Game Masters over 100 pages of insight and ideas into making dungeons great. In-depth essays from industry luminaries teach you to think outside your own boxes, and into a larger realm of challenge, discovery, and good old monster bashing.

Practical essays gives you insider tips and tricks to:

Design non-linear dungeons to explore
Think in 3D to make amazing spaces
Make every room count, even when there’s no monster
Create solutions in addition to combat
Dole out treasure—without blowing the bank
The Kobold Guide to Dungeons features essays from classic voices of the RPG canon such as David "Zeb" Cook, Frank Mentzer, and Lawrence Schick. It also includes newer voices including Dominique Dickey, Sadie Lowry, and Erin Roberts.


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