Keys from the Golden Vault (ALT COVER)

Rollspel: Äventyr: Dungeons & Dragons

| 2023
Keys from the Golden Vault (ALT COVER)
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Greetings, adventurer. You’ve snuck in and found a wondrous treasure!

In Keys from the Golden Vault, risk it all for the thrill of pulling off the perfect heist.
This adventure contains thirteen exhilarating heists, where you and your crew will take on missions from a mysterious organization known as the Golden Vault.

Every adventure is suitable for players level 1-11 and can be easily adapted to fit your needs, playable as a one shot or part of a full-length campaign. No matter how you choose to play, Keys from the Golden Vault takes your entire party on an unforgettable, adrenaline-filled ride.

With little more than a map as your guide, investigate your surroundings as you gather invaluable intel, or leap straight into action. Remember, time is of the essence. Sneak past security, evade deadly traps, and make your daring escape… before it’s too late.

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