Inu-Yasha Big Edition Vol 11

Av Rumiko Takahashi

| Del 11 i serien Inu-Yasha Big Edition
Inu-Yasha Big Edition Vol 11
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Samlingsvolym som innehåller pocket 31-33.
The search for the final shard of the Shikon Jewel leads Inuyasha and the gang to a mountain fortress... but only the dead may enter. Meanwhile, Naraku teams up with a demon who hunts the blood of innocent villagers - just his type! Then Kagome faces a moral dilemma. Only she can rescue her rival Kikyo from Naraku's miasma. Will she make the right choice?
Elsewhere, Naraku sends Kohaku on an evil errand. Now a fierce battle rages in the borderland between the world of the living and the afterlife. A mysterious force attacks Inuyasha and claims to act on behalf of the Shikon Jewel itself! Naturally, Naraku joins the fray. Then, when all hope seems lost, Inuyasha receives unexpected help from his half brother!
This omnibus "big" edition collects Inu Yasha volumes 31-33.