How to Hangover - An Illustrated Guide

Av Stephen Wildish

| 2023
How to Hangover - An Illustrated Guide
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Headache? Confusion? Waves of nausea and regret?

Luckily, thanks to this handy book, a hangover no longer has to mean a ruined day.

Use infographics and flowcharts to diagnose which hangover type you are suffering from and find the best treatments to help you on the road back to full health:

The bottomless pit
The 'I'm still drunk'
The Exorcist
The emotional boomerang
The lucky escape
The undeserved

If you are spraying the walls with last night's kebab and this morning's Berocca, you are going to need a very big glass of water...

With simple hangover cures and advice on how to tackle the clean-up (social AND physical) this book is the perfect remedy for all your 'morning after' regrets.


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