Here be Dragons – Into the Unknown


| 2020
Here be Dragons – Into the Unknown
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Immerse yourself in the world of Here be Dragons!
Explore, build, battle and survive a fantasy world that is unique to each time you play.

Here be Dragons combines the tactical play of a strategy game with the character building of a roleplaying game to create a brand-new adventure.

Compete with other explorers by earning victory points and survive the consuming darkness of the Devourer.

Players start to explore a brand-new world based on placing hexagons. Then you build/upgrade a settlement and try to expand your territory. Players can also upgrade the character and chose which equipment the character will have. The players win by collecting 10 victory points and do so by defeating monsters, upgrading and expanding settlements and completing quests.

Elements in the game.

Tile placement

The game board is completely modular and terrain tiles are picked randomly making every playthrough unique.

Dice Rolling

Battles in Here be Dragons are fought with the help of dice. The amount of dice that a player or monster have indicates how dangerous they are in battle. Besides this, every monster has traits to make encounters with them feel unique.


Besides surviving the monsters of the wilderness, the game also includes boss scenarios. In the core game players will have to face the Devourer, an otherworldly creature bent on corrupting the world that the players have built. Players will have to survive the growing corruption until they are powerful enough to face the creature in battle.

Take that

Players have access to a load of Event cards that can be used to help or sabotage for other players.


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