Good Omens: An Ineffable Game


Good Omens: An Ineffable Game
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Welcome to Tadfield! The forces of prophecy, Heaven, and Hell have assembled to start Armageddon. The angels and demons are preparing for battle and only a ragtag group of valiant interlopers can stop it. That’s where you come in. In this game, you will find several different dice and card games themed around the confrontations that took place in the final chapter (for now) of the Good Omens story. Many of the games feature a mix of dice and cards. Why cards? Because cards feature in the series and in the ethos of Good Omens. This whole existence thing is like one big game to those who pull the strings…

52 Playing Cards (13 cards in 4 suits)
12 Character Cards
4 Oversized Player Aid Cards
12 Dice (4 sets of 3)
6 Agnes Nutter Cards

Number of Players: 2-4
For Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 15-30


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