Garden Nation


| 2022
Garden Nation
Finns i lager?

The little people exiled from the forest have found shelter in an abandoned garden to build a new town. In the space of a few weeks, wooden crates are transformed into apartments, the old transistor radio into a cabaret, the coffee pot into a belfry… But very quickly, each clan wants to seize control of the town by any means possible: complete official projects, take control of territories, secret missions, and even the invasion of opponent buildings.

Your choices have a direct impact on the next player. It’s up to you to decide who will suffer the consequences!

An atypical game system: the player, by choosing where they carry out their action, determines where the next one will be played.
The active player chooses the next player.
The city gradually grows in 3D on the board.

2-4 spelare. 60-75 min. 10+ år.


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