Drawing Dragons and Those Who Hunt Them

Av Christopher Hart

Drawing Dragons and Those Who Hunt Them
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Förlagets text:
From Smaug to Puff, from wyverns to Hungarian Horntails, dragons are everyone's favorite mythological beasts. In Christopher Hart's new book Drawing Dragons and Those Who Hunt Them, he brings more power, drama, and depth to dragons than has ever been seen before. Towering, fierce, and merciless, yet devoted to their young, these dragons prey upon the medieval villagers of fantasy's Dark Ages. Hart masterfully unfolds a story of dragon against man, illustrated with remarkable splash pages and two lavishly illustrated fold-out gatefolds of action-packed battles. Step-by-step how-tos on drawing a dragon's fire-breathing head and awe-inspiring body, dragon horns, fire, attacking dragons, dragon flight patterns, dragon birth and death, dragon catacombs, baby dragons, hunting dragons, weapons, and even the mysterious dragon graveyard show fantasy artists how to create their own stunning, startling dragon worlds.


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