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Du spelar en drakskötare och ditt jobb är att skydda en babydrake medan den växer sig stor, lär sig flyga och spruta eld. Det går snabbt att lära sig reglerna, men det krävs både tur och skicklighet för att vinna. Inkluderat finns även enklare spelregler för att kunna spela med barn.

While featuring artwork of adorable baby dragons the unique gameplay and additional rules make this game great for both kids and adults.

Even dragons start small. Before they can fly and breathe fire, they need to be well protected. As experienced dragonkeepers, this is exactly your task. To do this, you use the “magic book”. The two open pages show you which dragons, and how many, you can take under your protection. It goes without saying you have a few clever tricks up your sleeve in order to manipulate the book in your favour. The best dragonkeeper wins this fantastic contest!

Can be taught in 5 minutes but with the unpredictability of the cards winning will take both skill and luck. Consisting of cards and small pieces this game is lightweight and great to take on the go!

A highly strategic game where you are always trying to outplay your opponents and optimize your plays!

Includes rules to make the game simplier for younger children


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