Dragonart - How to Draw Dragons and Fantasy Creatures

Av Jessica Peffer

| 2005
Dragonart - How to Draw Dragons and Fantasy Creatures
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Förlagets text:
Nothing makes your imagination, as a fantasy fan, catch fire like the dragon, one of the most enduringly popular beasts of legend. Now, with DragonArt, you can learn how to bring these mythical creatures to life with: More than 30 lessons broken down into simple color-coded steps, from basic shapes, to details including claws and wings, to spectacular finished dragons and beasts.
- Full-colored illustrations to captivate and inspire you.
- A playful, engaging text that includes "historical facts" about dragons.
- Additional step-by-step demonstrations covering other fantasy creatures, such as wyverns, basilisks and gargoyles.
- Extra hints, tips & tricks provided by DragonArt's dragon mascot, Dolosus.
With the tips and suggestions in DragonArt, you can let your imagination soar.


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