Dracula Daily. Reading Bram Stoker's Dracula in Real Time With Commentary

Av Matt Kirkland, Bram Stoker

| 2023
Dracula Daily. Reading Bram Stoker's Dracula in Real Time With Commentary
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Nyhetsbrevet som snabbt blev internetfenomen, nu samlad i lyxig inbunden utgåva! Läs ett kapitel om dagen och upplev Stokers klassiska roman i realtid. Innehåller rejält med extramaterial så som memes och illustrationer från nyhetsbrevets community.

Thanks to Dracula Daily, the email newsletter that delivers the classic vampire novel in bite-sized chunks, "an old story about the undead is getting a new life" (NPR). Combining Stoker's original text alongside reader-generated content, this version of Dracula is a fun and immersive experience, perfect for vampire scholars, Dracula Daily readers, and newcomers to the story.

Inside, you'll find a rich selection of artwork and memes from the newsletter's hundreds of thousands of subscribers. From comics celebrating Dracula's famous wall-climbing ability to armchair analysis of the novel's complicated love triangles, the witty commentary and colorful fan art brings a unique twist to the classic tale.

Matt Kirkland is the cofounder of Brand New Box, a Web design and development studio in Lawrence, Kansas. His projects have been covered by the New York Times, ESPN, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and many other outlets. In 2020, he launched Dracula Daily, an email newsletter serialization of Bram Stoker's Dracula that took the internet by storm and garnered over 240,000 followers. Kirkland is also more-than-a-little obsessed with Moby Dick, Prester John, and serialized drawing projects. He's also a board member for a literary society promoting the work of obscure British writer Charles Williams, and owns more than one Herman Melville-related domain name.


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