Dorfromantik - The Duel


Dorfromantik - The Duel
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2 spelare
Speltid ca 30-60 min
Från 8 år

Baserad på det fängslande tv-spelet har det kommit en brädspelsvariant där två personer duellerar mot varandra! Med identiska brickor bygger varje spelare upp sitt eget landskap för att samla flest poäng.

Dorfromantik - The Duel divides the playing area in two. Over the course of the game, players build two distinct landscapes using two identical copies of each tile as it is revealed. By the end of the game, two magnificent landscapes will have been created, differing according to how each player (or team) has approached the strategic challenge.

Two new task types are introduced: Double Tasks and Wraparound Tasks, each of which brings exciting new elements to the construction and scoring of your landscape. In addition, two new modules further expand players' options with Task Maps and Points of Interest. These modules can be played independently of each other, or combined for greater challenge, variety and interaction.

Fans of Dorfromantik - The Board Game will find expansion elements for that game in the form of 7 Task tiles and corresponding markers, 4 Achievement cards and Special tiles, as well as a Photographer and camera markers.

Dorfromantik - The Duel is designed for two players or two teams to play against each other, and can easily accommodate up to four players with two copies.


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