Doctor Who, Series 8

Blu-ray: Doctor Who

| 2014 | Del 9 av 15 i serien The New Series
Doctor Who, Series 8
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All 12 episodes from the eighth series of the relaunched sci-fi adventure show. Accompanied by his latest companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) sets out on another rollercoaster round of adventures in time and space, encountering a dinosaur in Victorian London, Robin Hood, ghosts and a supposedly good Dalek.
The episodes are: 'Deep Breath', 'Into the Dalek', 'Robot of Sherwood', 'Listen', 'Time Heist', 'The Caretaker', 'Kill the Moon', 'Mummy on the Orient Express', 'Flatline', 'In the Forest of the Night', 'Dark Water' and 'Death in Heaven'.
- Europeisk blu-ray. Import från England
- Format: 1.78:1 HD
- Språk: engelska
- Text: engelska. Ej svensk text
- Skådespelare: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman


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