Doctor Who: Doom's Day: Extraction Point

Av M G Harris

| 2023
Doctor Who: Doom's Day: Extraction Point
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It's the Doctor's universe. 24 hours to find them.

24 hours to escape death.

The finest time-travelling assassin in the cosmos is running scared. Doom's own death is coming for him in a matter of hours. And the only person in the universe who might just be able to save him is the Doctor - so long as it's the right Doctor.

But as Doom searches for aid, the hits keep coming in. Kill a crabby Kraal and his replica world! Assassinate a ghost on Satellite Five! Eliminate a living asteroid! Doom finds his talents - and his patience - stretched to breaking point.

But these apparently random jobs are linked in a way Doom could never imagine. And when not one but TWO different Doctors get involved, on the trail of an old enemy, the ensuing fireworks might just end the lives of billions. Can Doom solve the mystery before his allotted hours are up? It's not only a planet he must save from destruction, but himself...


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