Dear Intern

Av Mara Nelson-Greenberg

| 2024
Dear Intern
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Everyone makes mistakes—especially in their first job. Cringe and commiserate with the everyday missteps and epic workplace screwups in this collection of self-confessed blunders from disaster?prone?yet?good?intentioned interns finding their footing.

All professionals know that detours and mishaps are an essential rite of passage en route to a successful career—but that doesn't make them any less funny. This curated collection of true intern confessions, from minor mistakes to major messes, is the workplace humor book everyone can relate to. Whether spilling coffee on the boss's laptop or sending out a personal message on the company's social media account, these first-hand stories comprise a cringe- and compassion-inducing celebration of the many memorable blunders that can (and do) happen in our entry?level years.


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