Crush and Color: Idris Elba

Av Maurizio Campidelli

| 2020
Crush and Color: Idris Elba
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Color art worth crushing over! Idris Elba is everywhere you are. Maurizio Campidelli's Crush and Color: Idris Elba is a coloring book of daydreams with one of the world's most enticing leading men. Inside you will find dozens of unique scenarios showing what living in a dream world alongside Idris Elba could be like. Color along with more than 35 lifelike illustrations of Idris in his element--or in yours--from DJing a concert, reigning supreme as kickboxing champion, and working on the set of a film, to preparing a romantic dinner, exploring a waterfall, and sinking into a bubble bath. Color your very own creative utopia of fantasies and admire the strength, versatility, and allure of this incredible star. Get caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and raw talent in Crush and Color: Idris Elba. - Immerse yourself in all things Idris with stunning hand-drawn illustrations - Perforated pages make it easy to display the object of your romance or bromance - Feel the exhilaration of life with Idris in 38 coloring page fantasies.


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