Chibi! The Official Mark Crilley How-to-Draw Guide

Av Mark Crilley

Chibi! The Official Mark Crilley How-to-Draw Guide
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This book (and your fuzzy-costumed tour guide Mochy) will teach you everything you need to know about drawing chibis! From the word "short" in Japanese, this manga illustration style features cute characters with big heads, tiny bodies and adorably exaggerated facial expressions. Play with proportions to create highly stylized itty-bitty chibis or unusually tall ones, using their big eyes and giant personalities to convey animated emotions, from surprised and joyful to sad and mad.

- 32 step-by-step lessons cover everything from proportions and poses to clothing and digital coloring.
-Create every kind of chibi: boys, girls, pets, witches, fairies and anthropomorphic characters.
- Learn how to turn your friends, family and yourself into adorable chibis!
- Includes a chapter dedicated to making chibi crafts, such as phone cases, greeting cards and do-not-disturb signs.