Characters and Quests : A Young Adventurer's Workbook

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| 2023
Characters and Quests : A Young Adventurer's Workbook
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From the world's most beloved tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, comes an interactive workbook for imagining, creating, and capturing on paper your own epic characters and adventurers.

For young players just discovering the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons, designing their own characters can be exciting yet intimidating. The Worldbuilder's Workbook for Young Adventurers is a space for capturing thoughts, brainstorms, and sketches all in one place! Inside you'll find:

Easy-to-choose character-building guides with characteristics to check off, such as race, class, background, and personality
Space to describe your adventuring party's characters and how they interact with others
Guided pages for sketching characters and maps
Questions and tips on how to prepare for different adventures and battles
prompts for writing about epic D&D sessions with friends

From developing a character’s attributes to strategizing battle tactics with your party to keeping notes from your campaign interactions, this is the ultimate workbook for budding worldbuilders.


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