Carbon City Zero


| 2023
Carbon City Zero
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Carbon City Zero is a collaborative climate action game in which players develop a sustainable city by greening transport, transforming industries, getting citizens on board and showing world leaders how it's done. Each player starts with an identical deck, buying additional cards from a shared marketplace to create a more sustainable city. Balancing the need to generate income with reducing carbon, you can follow numerous paths to victory, but collaboration is key. You'll need to bring together governments, industries and the public. And if you can't bring carbon levels to zero before it's too late, everybody loses. The stakes couldn't be higher.

PLAY AND LEARN: learn about climate action as you play this new board game for all the family

SCREEN-FREE FUN for 2-4 players aged 8 and up
SOMETHING TO TREASURE: this is a quality product made to last, with bespoke illustration and stylish packaging (on FSC stocks)


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