Camp Damascus

Av Chuck Tingle

| 2023
Camp Damascus
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Rose är djupt troende evangeliskt kristen. Hon bor granne med framgångsrika Camp Damascus, där homosexuella återbördas till Jesus. Men när demoniska visioner börjar och insekter väller ur Roses mun, måste hon gräva i sin kyrka och lägrets förehavanden.

Camp Damascus is the world’s most effective gay conversion camp. Nestled in the Montana wilderness, parents send their children from around the world to experience the program’s 100% success rate.

But, this story isn’t about that. This story is about Rose Darling, a God-fearing young lady who can’t stop puking up flies. It’s about her parents who ignore her visions of an eerie woman with sagging, pale skin who watches from the woods. It’s about the desires deep inside Rose that don’t seem to make any sense, and her waking nightmares that are beginning to feel more like memories. And maybe, just maybe, it’s a little bit about Camp Damascus after all.


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