California Countdown

Soloäventyr: Freeway Warrior

| 2021 | Del 4 av 3 i serien Freeway Warrior
California Countdown
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California countdown Eight years ago the terrorist agents of H.A.V.O.C. triggered a nuclear nightmare that devastated the northern hemisphere, its radioactive aftermath claiming all but a few lucky survivors. Patiently, in scattered colonies deep underground, these survivors have been waiting for the earth to heal itself, waiting for the day when they could walk once more upon the surface of their shattered world. That day has come but the real battle for survival has only just begun! You are Cal Phoenix, the Freeway Warrior, champion and protector of Dallas Colony One. The final stage of your life-or-death exodus to the California coast is fraught with extraordinary dangers breakdowns, rockfalls and unexplained deaths. Can you unravel the mystery that surrounds your journey, or will you perish without trace in the desolate wastelands of Arizona?

CALIFORNIA COUNTDOWN is the fourth in a spectacular series of solo adventures written by Joe Dever, author of the award-winning LONE WOLF adventure gamebooks. Each exciting episode can be played individually, or you can combine them with others in the series to create a solo role-playing epic in which you are the hero of the story.


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