Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat Vol. 1

Av Ai Shimizu

| Del 1 i serien Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat
Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat Vol. 1
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En talande katt blir Souchiros räddning från ensamheten när hans fru går bort. Ett finstämt drama om ett stilla liv på landet.

Souichiro’s wife wanted to retire to the countryside, but soon after they achieve this dream, she dies. So he won’t be left alone, their pet cat Nii turns into a talking nekomata, a two-tailed yokai cat. Together they share a heartwarming slow life, cooking and eating delicious food surrounded by nature. Enjoy freshly baked bread, handmade jam, fluffy omelets, and seasonal vegetables with the members of this unusual household.


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