Bottom-tier Bureaucrat Made Minister Light Novel 1

Av Benio, Kisetsu Morita

| Del 1 i serien Bottom-tier Bureaucrat Made Minister Light Novels
Bottom-tier Bureaucrat Made Minister Light Novel 1
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Beelzebub is a demon of many roles—minister of agriculture, Azusa’s “big sister and the demon king's closest confidant. Before her illustrious rise to power, though, she was just a low-ranking pencil pusher in the government with no ambitions, no dreams, and no adventure in her life. Then, on a whim of the newly coronated demon king, she received the biggest and most terrifying promotion imaginable! How will Beelzebub handle the sudden responsibilities of the entire Ministry of Agriculture?! Originally published as short stories in the hugely popular I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, the spin-off is back with brand-new illustrations and additional tales from the demon lands!


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