Black Books 1-3 complete series box set

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| 2004
Black Books 1-3 complete series box set
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From Graham Linehan, co-writer of Father Ted, Big Train and The IT Crowd, comes the cult comedy Black Books finally on DVD!
Black Books is about the bohemian, and frequently drunk, Bernard Black, who runs a second hand bookshop even though he doesn't like people and hates to have customers. He would rather just sit and read, have a cigarette and a glass of wine. Next door to Bernard's bookstore is the arts and crafts shop owned by Fran, probably Bernard's only friend in the whole world. When Bernard's accountant goes on the run Bernard employs his own opposite Bernard to help out in the shop. This leads to a series of surreal adventures around the shop.
Säsong 1-3 i en box.
- Region 2. Svensk utgåva.
- Format: 16:9
- Ljud: dolby Digital 2.0
- Språk: engelska
- Text: svenska, danska, finska, norska

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