Beasts of the Outer Swells: A Rainy City Bestiary

Rollspel: Regler: OSR - Old School Revival

| 2022
Beasts of the Outer Swells: A Rainy City Bestiary
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BEASTS OF THE OUTER SWELLS is a system-neutral RPG bestiary offering a collection of unsettling and unnatural tall tales, legends, and galley gossip about several strange, wondrous, and horrific sea monsters found in the rough seas aroundthe Rainy City–a doomed fantasy metropolis at the end of the world where the wizards jealously guard their rotting magical tomes, the gargoyles are always watching, the thieves are on the prowl, and the rains never stop!

BEASTS OF THE OUTER SWELLS is built as a companion bestiary to A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE RAINY CITY. However, being system-neutral, any busy GM needing quick flavor or interesting content can use BEASTS for their own campaign without the VISITOR'S GUIDE.and is also perfect for the busy GM looking to drop interesting details and flavor into their own campaigns.


At 48 pages, over 22 pieces of unique art, and over 14,000 words, BEASTS explores the legend lore of nine of the Rainy City's strangest sea monsters:

The Aspic Lantern, A dying light to beam above the deeper dark

The Clackermas, Some thunders speak of more than storms

The Coldwater Council, Not even the Outer Swells are beyond the law

Handsome Randy, Sometimes the Swells can be comely and subtle

The Mirror City, The impossible harbor that hosts a subtle hunger

The Mother of Manatees, She for whom the children shed their skin

The Scraw, The bones that name the City’s secret shame

The Wishful Wakame, A waking dream of distant shores and open doors

The Wondergull, A strength that dares to rise above the rain

And much more still!


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