Be more Buffy!

Av Alex Clarke-Groom

Be more Buffy!
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This book celebrates Emmy-award-winning TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more specifically its leading vampiric lady Buffy Summers – offering a practical guide for how you, like Buffy, might best slay. Who better to turn to for inspiration than the Chosen One, when you need a little help to slay? When life gives you Big Bads and (literal) demon boyfriends, Buffy has always got your back. That’s why author Amy Lewis knew that she had to tap into this character’s unparalled power in order to help the world start slaying Buffy-style.
Full of advice on ass-kicking your way through the day, empowering quotes and guides for getting through the sometimes-Hellmouth that is life, Be More Buffy tells you how to tap in to The Slayer’s resilience, optimism and all round badass-ery. As well as an earnest slay guide, this fun book also taps into the super-fandom surrounding Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is still recognized now – nearly two decades after the end of its hugely successful seven season run – as a brilliantly written and produced work of screen.
So what the Hellmouth are you waiting for? Pick up this superhuman guide to slaying, right now.


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