Batman Detective Comics Vol 9: Deface the Face

Av James Robinson

| Del 9 i serien Batman Detective Comics Rebirth Collections
Batman Detective Comics Vol 9: Deface the Face
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Batman and Two-Face. Eternal enemies. And now... desperate allies? Find out what happens here in Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 9: Harvey Dent's Last Case!

Long ago, Harvey Dent wasn't just a good man--he was the best man in all of Gotham City. As the town's District Attorney, the city's so-called golden boy put away murderers, thieves and mob bosses by the dozens. But there's one organization he couldn't put away. And now they're back.

A desparate Dark Knight needs help and there's only one man he can turn to--unfortunately, that one man isn't the person he used to be. In fact... he's two.

See the team-up of the century, as legendary scribe James Robinson (Starman) comes aboard with artists Carmine Di Giandomenico and Stephen Segovia for this epic new graphic novel! Collects issues #988-993.


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