Batman Detective Comics Vol 5: The Joker War

Av Peter J Tomasi, James Tynion IV

| Del 5 i serien Batman Detective Comics (2018) Collections
Batman Detective Comics Vol 5: The Joker War
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As Batman attempts to recover from the devastating loss of his friend and ally Alfred, Two-Face returns--can Batman cure Harvey Dent once and for all, as The Joker begins his ultimate attack on Gotham?

Alfred Pennyworth was Batman's oldest friend and most trusted ally--and the greatest casualty of Bane's assault on Gotham City.

Now, as Batman attempts to move past this tragedy and continue his war on crime, Two-Face returns, looking for a power play in the wake of City of Bane. But is redemption possible for Bruce Wayne's old friend Harvey Dent? And what role has The Joker been playing behind the scenes this whole time?

As The Joker War begins, Batman's nemesis launches an attack on Wayne Enterprises--using Bruce Wayne's own technology! Batwoman joins the fight, but the threats keep escalating, as Joker toxin has been pumped into Gotham's tunnels--luring out Killer Croc!

This collection also includes the Batman: Pennyworth R.I.P. one-shot, featuring an ensemble of all-star creators paying tribute to Alfred, with each story told from the perspective of a different member of the Bat-Family.

This volume collects Batman: Pennyworth RIP, Detective Comics #1020-1026, an 8-page story from Detective Comics #1027 and Detective Comics Annual #3.


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