Ascendant's Rite

Av David Hair

| 2016 | Del 4 i serien The Moontide Quartet
Ascendant's Rite
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Alaron and Ramita's deadly enemies have taken the Scytale of Corineus - the key to gaining the power of an Ascendant mage - as well as one of Ramita's twin sons. Their only hope of preventing disaster lies with a small group of peaceful Zain monks. Meanwhile, in Javon, Queen Cera Nesti, newly freed, takes the reins of power. She needs the skill and courage of her friends to survive, but she must first gain their trust.
Trapped between two massive armies, Seth Korion's Lost Legions must somehow find safety. Bearing secrets that could bring down the Emperor, they will need cunning, tenacity and bravery to cross the Bridge to safety.
As the Rondian armies continue to plunder the stony deserts of Kesh and Dhassa, the Eastern Armies are daring to fight back, but the mighty Rondian magi still hold all the major cards ... except the ace: the Scytale.
The time has come for the Rite of Ascendancy to be performed, and new powers to rise to save - or damn - Urte.