Amityville Collection (Blu-ray)

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| 1996
Amityville Collection (Blu-ray)
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Collection of four sequels from the Amityville Horror franchise. In 'Amityville 4 - The Evil Escapes' (1989) a determined group of priests perform an exorcism on the least desirable property in Amityville, New York. The screams from the house's resident evil spirit seem to indicate the success of their efforts.

However, two weeks later and 3,000 miles away, a family receive an old lamp bought in a yard sale in Amityville. It appears the spirit has found a means of escape... In 'Amityville 1992 - It's About Time' (1992) an architect brings home an old clock which houses an evil spirit.

As space and time are altered by the clock, his family are possessed and people start to die. 'Amityville: A New Generation' (1993) finds struggling photographer Keyes Terry (Ross Partridge) given a demonic mirror from the house in Amityville. People are dying and the mirror has a murderous mission for Keyes.

Finally, in 'Amityville Dollhouse' (1996) Bill and Claire Martin (Robin Thomas and Starr Andreeff) stumble upon a doll's house replica of the Amityville house. They decide that it would make a perfect gift for their daughter Jessica (Rachel Duncan), but the dollhouse is home to demonic evil and the family must work together to defeat it.

Special features:
- Interviews: Interview with director/producer Steve White; film historian David Del Valle on the life of legendary 'The Evil Escapes' actress Patty Duke; Especial Effects artist Richard Stutsman; cinematographer Thomas L. Callaway.
- Commentary: Audio commentary by Bryan Norton; Audio commentary with director/producer Daniel Farrands.


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