Alien Hostiles

Av Ian Douglas

| 2022 | Del 2 av 2 i serien Solar Warden
Alien Hostiles
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For decades, there have been rumours of alien life. Now the truth is out
– a truth more shocking and thrilling than anyone could have imagined.
We are not alone. But neither are we defenceless.
By exposing the sinister Saurians, Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Mark Hunter and his team have more than proven themselves. Yet the war between humanity and the intergalactic aliens has only begun – now they must save themselves and all of civilization.

The JSST – the Joint Space Strike Team Hunter has put together from all branches of the U.S. military – is again deployed on board the Earth starcraft carrier Hillenkoetter on a mission to probe a possible historical connection between the Saurians and the Nazi Third Reich. At a planet called Paradies orbiting the red giant star Aldebaran, they discover a long-rumored colony of expatriate Nazis … and the beginnings of a plan to enslave Earth under Nazi – and Saurian – rule.

With Earth at stake, governments deeply compromised, and evil at the door, Solar Warden must fight together to end it all … even if it means sacrificing everything.
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