A Kingdom of Shadows

Av Rina Vasquez

| 2023 | Del 2 i serien A City of Flames
A Kingdom of Shadows
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Nara set out to hunt dragons - now one dragon might be her only hope . . .

Wanted by Queen Marilyn and her army of Venators, Nara and Darius embark on a dangerous quest. The Screaming Forests aren't a place for the faint of heart; evil monsters and perilous magic lurk in every shadow. They must reach the Isle of Elements, or forfeit everything they hold dear.

But The Elven King who rules over these lands has other plans for this duo. They must solve puzzles, escape caverns, and fight wicked beings to fetch elemental stones hidden away in the Isle of Elements.

As tempers flare and tensions between the duo rise, will the pressure tear them apart for good or push them together in ways neither could ever have imagined?


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