A Call to Insurrection

Av Thomas Pope, David Weber, Timothy Zahn

| 2022 | Del 4 av 3 i serien Manticore Ascendant
A Call to Insurrection
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Yesterday, the Star Kingdom of Manticore was a small, unimportant interstellar backwater with no navy, but today, Manticore has become a target. The Star Kingdom isn’t certain who is attacking it or why, but Queen Elizabeth I knows she has to find out. She knows that whatever some of her subjects think, Manticore needs a navy. And it needs allies—friends like the dynamic Republic of Haven and the Andermani Empire. It needs their trade . . . and to learn from their more experienced and powerful navies.

Officer Travis Long and his wife, Lisa, must acquire that experience. And Travis’s brother, the inexperienced diplomat Gavin, Earl Winterfall, must build those alliances. They’ve been sent to the Andermani Empire to do just that, for their navy is one of the most potent and experienced fleets in the galaxy. But the Andermani have problems of their own: their Emperor's death has triggered insurrection, and their navy is locked in civil war. The Manticoran visitors are in the path of the storm, and before they can accomplish anything else, Travis, Lisa, and Gavin first have to survive.


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