The Rising of the Shield Hero Light Novel 22

Av Aiya Kyo, Aneko Yusagi

| Del 22 i serien The Rising of the Shield Hero Light Novels
The Rising of the Shield Hero Light Novel 22
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The minor nation of Siltran, with the aid of the Naofumi's village, has managed to drive off the assault of the massive nation of Piensa. But Piensa then begins to invade the nations that have come seeking an alliance with Siltran. Some of Naofumi's allies who are scouting Piensa get caught up in the chaos and are badly injured as a result?and to make matters worse, the injuries as marked as incurable, unable to be treated even by the Shield Hero no matter what Naofumi tries.
“I'll do whatever it takes to save my friends!”
Could Naofumi's brave determination lead to the discovery of new powers?! The healing begins in the twenty-second volume of this still rising otherworld fantasy!


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