Tales From the Loop Board Game

Brädspel: Tales from the Loop The Board Game

| 2022
Tales From the Loop Board Game
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Number of Players: 1-5

Playing Time: 90-120 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 12+

Step into the amazing world of Simon Stålenhag's Tales From the Loop! In Tales From the Loop – The Board Game, you take the roles of kids who investigate the mysteries originating from the Loop, a huge underground science facility with strange effects on the suburban landscapes around it – just make sure you’re home in time for dinner! 1-5 players cooperate to discover the mysteries of the Loop. Six branching scenarios that adapts to the players actions. Mystery Island mode for a non-scenario based play experience. Beautifully sculpted machines based on Simon Stålenhag's art.


1 Game Board
1 Rulebook
5 Characters (Card + Standee)
4 Machine Sheets
40 School Cards
80 Rumor Cards
40 Chores Cards
40 Diary Cards
4 Scenario Cards
8 Response Cards
20 Item Cards
20 Anomaly Cards
Lots of Tokens
8 Dice
2 Paarhufer Miniatures
2 Fireguard Miniatures
1 Watchdogs Miniature
1 AMAT-2 Miniature


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