Port Royal - The Dice Game


Port Royal - The Dice Game
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2-5 spelare
Från 10 år
Speltid 20-50 minuter

In Port Royal – The Dice Game, players exchange their cards for dice and pencils but the goal remains the same: hire the most capable crew and seek your fortunes across the open sea. They travel to nearby islands to hire new crew members and gain their valuable skills, but when they push their luck too far they might meet Davey Jones’ locker!

Each round in Port Royal – The Dice Game has two phases: first, the active player rolls the dice and the game board fills with different colored ship and ship wheel tokens. The more tokens you can place, the better, and you can roll the dice as many times as you like. But if the same ship appears twice and can’t be fended off with the help of your saber-rattling crew, it is a dark day indeed—the player rolling the dice ends their turn empty-handed while the others at the table can fill their pockets. If the active player manages to stop in time, they can exchange tokens for actions on their own game board, gaining a bonus either to reach new islands or to gain first access to new effects. Who will manage to sail away from the other players?


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