Men to Avoid in Art and Life Wall Calendar 2022


| 2021
Men to Avoid in Art and Life Wall Calendar 2022

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By pairing classic paintings with contemporary captions, the MEN TO AVOID IN ART AND LIFE WALL CALENDAR perfectly captures those relatable moments when a man very graciously explains to a woman a subject about which he knows considerably less than she does.

The definitive modern feminist calendar, perfect for Galentine's Day and birthdays, and as a year-round pick-me-up when the patriarchy’s got you down. The Mansplainer, the Concern Troll, the Comedian, the Sexpert, the Patronizer?these men have existed for centuries and these works of fine art prove it. From Tersigni’s viral Twitter thread and hugely popular book, the MEN TO AVOID IN ART AND LIFE WALL CALENDAR illustrates this frustrating and universal experience and unites us in one of the strongest forms of resistance: laughter.

• BASED ON THE HUGELY SUCCESSFUL BOOK: MEN TO AVOID IN ART AND LIFE was featured everywhere from the New York Times to BBC Radio, resonating with readers across the globe. Like the book, this calendar is for everyone, whether you’re already a fan or coming to these annoying dudes for the first time.
• OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY AND DISTINCTIVE: Laugh-out-loud funny captions paired with classical art make for a uniquely clever and hilarious wall calendar.
• FIGHT THE PATRIARCHY WITH HUMOR: Humor unites us all, and what better way to fight the patriarchy than to laugh together at the Mansplainers, Sexperts, Patronizers, Comedians, and Concern Trolls that we all experience.


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