Av Brandon Sanderson

| 2023 | Del 4 av 4 i serien Skyward
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I sista delen av Sandersons Skyward-serie avgörs allt. Spensa och hennes team gör sitt bästa för att besegra The Superiority. Kommer den kunskap och de allierade de samlat räcka för att mänskligheten äntligen ska bli fri eller kommer samhället att falla för alltid?

Spensa made it out of the Nowhere, but what she saw in the space between the stars has changed her forever. She came face to face with the Delvers, and finally got answers to the questions she's had about her own strange Cytonic gifts.

The Superiority didn't stop in it's fight for galactic dominance while she was gone, though. Spensa's team, Skyward Flight, was able to hold Winzik off, and even collect allies to help with the cause, but it's only a matter of time until humanity - and the rest of the galaxy - falls.

Defeating them will require all the knowledge Spensa gathered while in the Nowhere. But being Cytonic is more complicated than she ever could have imagined. Now, Spensa must ask herself: how far is she willing to go for victory, if it means losing herself - and her friends - in the process.

The final book in the Skyward series will free humanity, or see it fall forever.

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